March A Mile and have partnered to both bring awareness to and provide basic necessities to our Homeless Communities.  While providing their Homeless Outreach Program for Veterans, March A Mile volunteers found there were far too many homeless individuals and families on the street in need of basic clothing items to protect them and their children from the elements.  In an effort to help this situation March A Mile and have decided to take action and create a movement of Hope !  We will be providing Socks,Blankets,Coats and Hats to individuals in need.  Our goal is to not only provide protection from the harsh elements but to also begin a dialogue with our homeless community and educate them on programs available to help them better their situation.  Our goal for 2019 is to hand out 5000+ socks before Christmas.  

How can you help ?


Step 1 - Just buy a pair of "YELLOW" socks either from our store or on your own and "ROCK" them !  When you buy from our store March A Mile will  match your purchase and provide a pair of socks to a homeless person in need.  If you buy on your own then a donation will help provide socks that are needed.  REMEMBER a donation of as little as $1 can make a huge difference in reaching our goal of 5000 socks by Christmas 2019.

STEP 2 - Join our Movement by posting a tasteful picture of you and your yellow socks to #PROJECTYELLOWSOCKS and share your positive and inspiring story with the world.  You never know who you may inspire to better their situation.

STEP 3 - Sit back in your COOL Yellow Socks, SMILE and wait for someone to ask you about your "Yellow" socks and share with them your story of  how you have made a difference in someone's life!

Buy Your Socks Today !