A veterans creed

I am a Veteran of the United States of America.  As one of my nations fittest and finest, I answered my nation's call to duty.  I mastered the weapons of war and became expert in defense and security, I make no apologies for my skills.  I am a Warrior and have seen and done things that many may not understand.  I have proudly served my country with Honor and Dignity.  I am one in fifteen, a 7%er, a member of a team spanning the nation, Veteran brothers and sisters bonded by our common values and experiences.  I now stand ready to serve my fellow Veterans.  I will help them face and conquer their enemies, including the demons from within.  I will never abandon a fellow Veteran.  If they need support I will carry them.  If i cannot carry them, I will call for help.  When I struggle with my own pain, my fellow Veterans will support me: and i will reach out of the darkness and grasp their helping hands.  I will never quit; I will never give up; I will never accept defeat. I am a UNITED STATES VETERAN.